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More Republicans Condemndorse Donald Trump

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I like making up new words, because it’s way too late to make up any of the old ones. A couple of weeks ago I made up the word “condemndorse,” after watching prominent Republicans grapple with the Trump problem. How do they keep all the Trumpkins off their backs without condoning his behavior? (Or, if you prefer: Without condoning his “locker-room talk,” which coincidentally lines up very closely with the testimony of his many accusers.) How can they have it both ways?

Well, they can’t. But that’s never stopped a career politician from trying.

Anna Giaritelli, Washington Examiner:

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley said Thursday she will vote for Donald Trump on Election Day…

“Having said that, I will tell you, this is no longer a choice for me on personalities because I’m not a fan of either one. What it is about is policy,” Haley said, citing national security, Obamacare and the appointment of Supreme Court justices. “When I look at all of those, I come back to say that the best person based on the policies and dealing with things like Obamacare, still is Donald Trump.”

The second-term governor said that while she knows who she is voting for in two weeks, “that doesn’t mean it’s an easy vote.”

I’m not sure how you can look at those policies, or any policies, and decide that Trump is going to do anything he claims he’s going to do from one minute to the next. You can’t make a policy argument for him, because he doesn’t actually have any policies. Well, maybe one: “I am Donald Trump.” That’s his policy.

But if that’s how Governor Haley needs to rationalize it, okay. She joins Rep. Chris Stewart and Rep. Jason Chaffetz, two Utah Republicans who have both publicly condemned Trump but now declare they’re voting for him. Sounds like they’re feeling some pressure after the unexpected success of independent candidate Evan McMullin in Utah. They’re putting party over principle. I’m sure that’s what they think they need to do, and I’m also sure that a lot of people aren’t going to forget it.

This election is no longer about who’s going to win. At this point, that’s a fait accompli. Now it’s about you. It’s about your vote, and what part of yourself you’re willing to give up in order to cast it.

What do you believe in? A hashtag? A slogan on a baseball hat? A political party that you keep saying you want to burn down anyway?

I don’t blame anybody for voting against Hillary Clinton. I hate that lying, power-hungry criminal too. But I don’t hate anybody enough to throw in my lot with a guy like Trump. On Nov. 8, I’m writing in McMullin. Then I plan to get a good night’s sleep with a clear conscience, eat a nutritious breakfast, and then start the fight against President Grandma.

I’m at peace with that. I’m not angry anymore. Yell at me all you want, but I know I’m right.

P.S. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about Governor Reek. He’s trapped in a hell of his own devising.