Podesta Raged Against Biden Confidant Over VP Considering Presidential Run

REUTERS/Djordje Kojadinovic.

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta felt betrayed when Vice President Joe Biden mused about seeking the Democratic presidential nomination himself, according to emails released in the latest WikiLeaks installment.

In a series of emails sent on Aug. 14, 2015 between Podesta and Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri on messages with former Biden chief of staff Ron Klain.

Podesta and Palmieri rage over an August 2015 Politico article where Biden contemplates running for president against Clinton and Klain is mentioned as one of Biden’s close advisers.

Podesta writes to Klain, “The Politico story has people really buzzed up. I must say I feel a little like the Al Pacino character in Donnie Brasco.”

That film portrayed how an aging Mafia hitman was betrayed by an FBI undercover agent, suggesting that Podesta viewed Klain as a clandestine, yet unreliable ally within the Biden camp.

Podesta asked Palmieri what she thought of his note to Klain: “You think a little overly dramatic?”

Palmieri replied, “Yes. But we are not f’ing around.”

Podesta added, “I have to say, his problem is always whether he can be loyal. I feel like a chump for vouching for him.”

Palmieri agreed, saying “Me too. Done.”

The Daily Caller has previously reported a secret relationship between Klain and the Clinton campaign, revealed in Podesta emails released through WikiLeaks, and that indicated Klain was undermining his former boss’s presidential hopes. “It’s been hard for me to play such a role in the Biden demise – and I am definitely dead to them – but I’m glad to be on Team HRC and glad that she had a great debate last night,” Klain wrote to Podesta and Palmieri in an email sent on October 14, 2015. (RELATED: Email Suggests Biden Aide Sabotaged His Presidential Aspirations To Help Hillary)