ANNALS OF THE 1 PERCENT: University Of Michigan To Pay Diversity Bureaucrat $385,000 Yearly

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The University of Michigan is paying its newly-appointed chief diversity officer a sweet salary that is substantially more than any governor in any state makes.

Robert Sellers is the taxpayer-funded administrator who has struck it rich, according to Michigan Capitol Confidential.

In his position as “vice provost for equity and inclusion and chief diversity officer,” Sellers will collect a cool $385,000 per year — over $32,000 each month and over $7,400 each week.

The annual salary is just $15,000 less than the amount President Barack Obama brings to the executive residence of the White House each year.

Each year, Sellers will make $194,177 more than the salary of America’s highest-paid governor — Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania — as a diversity bureaucrat. He will make $250,208 more than the salary of the average state governor in the United States, which is $134,792. He will make $384,999 more than Michigan’s governor, Rick Snyder, who accepts a salary of $1 each year.

Sellers is in the top one percent in income among all workers in Michigan and in the top two percent among all workers in the entire United States.

The median household income in Michigan is $54,208 per year.

Sellers is no stranger to cashing checks for vast sums of money as a pencil pusher.

During the 2014-2015 academic year, the University of Michigan paid Sellers $347,295. His title then was vice provost.

The public school in Ann Arbor also lists Sellers as a professor of education and psychology.

In his new, luxuriantly-paid position, Sellers “will serve as a leadership voice on diversity, equity and inclusion for the entire university,” Michigan Capitol Confidential notes.

The promotion of Sellers is part of a broader Five-Year Plan for increasing diversity at the University of Michigan. Aspects of the Five-Year Plan include contriving a “diverse university community” and supporting “inclusive scholarship and teaching.”

The price tag for the Five-Year Plan is $85 million.

Earlier in 2016, administrators at the University of Michigan increased tuition costs by close to 4 percent for Michigan residents.

School president Mark Schlissel nominated Sellers for the job several weeks ago.

In 1987, Sellers was among the students at the University of Michigan who protested the selection of journalist Mike Wallace as a commencement speaker. The students were mad because Wallace, a Michigan alumnus, had once told a racist joke.

The University of Michigan is most famous, of course, because administrators instituted a campus-wide policy this fall intended to force professors — and the entire campus community — to use exotic pronouns to refer to students who insist they belong to some alternate gender. (RELATED: Student Is Now ‘HIS MAJESTY’ After U. Michigan Lets Everyone Make Up Their Own Pronouns)

The public school is also notable because the number of students on campus claiming to have mental health problems has jumped 36 percent in the last seven years.

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