NYC First Graders Say Hillary Clinton ‘Lies A Lot’ [VIDEO]

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Cute kids weighed in on an ugly presidential election this week, concluding that honesty and “not lying” are important qualities for a leader.

In a segment airing on Fox News on Saturday, first graders at the New York City-based School of the Blessed Sacrament gave anchor Julie Banderas their take on Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and the ongoing presidential election.

According to a couple of the children who spoke, “not lying” is a quality leaders should have, and Clinton does not have that quality.

“My dad tells me that Hillary Clinton lies a lot. So if she wins, she might take over the country,” one little girl told Banderas.

“And also a president also has to be truthful, smart, and really really nice,” the girl added.

Another little boy explained he trusts Trump, “[b]ecause Hillary lies more than Donald Trump.”

While some children were skeptical of Clinton’s truthfulness, others told Banderas that they thought Clinton won the debates.

“Hillary Clinton did better in the debate because she — she didn’t really yell as much as Donald Trump did,” another little girl said.

A second boy concluded that he simply does not like talking politics because voting “is just your own business.”