Tax Form Indicates Podesta Put Kremlin-Tainted Shares In Daughter’s Company

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David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta received a K1 income tax form indicating that he was a partner sharing income with Leonidio Holdings, according to emails released Sunday by WikiLeaks. Another form was made out to Podesta’s daughter, Megan Rouse, his partner in Leonidio Holdings.

Podesta has always maintained that he transferred his 75,000 shares from Joule Unlimited Technologies, a Kremlin-financed energy company, to an “anonymous” holding company named Leonidio Holdings. Not only does Leonidio share an address with Podesta’s daughter, Rouse, but they share a tax return.

The other beneficiaries are all in the family too.

A June 5, 2015 email from Rouse to John, Mae and Gabe Podesta reveals the following:

“Mae and Gabe, Please see attached K1 for Leonidio. You can use this to complete your 2014 tax return. We will each report 1/3 share of what’s on the form. Mom and Pa, Please see attached K1 showing the distribution to Leonidio.”

A forwarded June 1, 2015 email from Equilibrium Capital Group to Rouse clearly indicates the Leonidio Holdings and Rouse are one and the same:

“Hi Megan, Please find attached Leonidio Holdings, LLC’s 2014 K1 for ECG. Let me know if you have any questions or require any additional information. The one for John Podesta is just a final one to show the transfer.”

The form indicates that Podesta was responsible for $139.328 in “withdrawls and distributions.”

The Daily Caller has previously reported on Podesta’s direct and indirect links with murky Russian-based firms. The Podesta Group that he and his brother founded in 1988 has lobbied on behalf of firms with links to the Kremlin – including Uranium One, which now controls one-fifth of the U.S. uranium supply.