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2011 FLASHBACK: Watch Andrew Breitbart Take Over Anthony Weiner’s Press Conference

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I’m not a big fan of what Breitbart.com has become, and I have to wonder if things would be different over there right now if Andrew were still alive. But that’s an argument for another time. Right now I want to take a look back at a moment in 2011 that’s taking on historical significance in light of recent events.

‘Member Andrew Breitbart bringing down Anthony Weiner using facts and evidence, being blamed by Democrats for it, and hijacking Weiner’s own press conference to face down his accusers? ‘Member how he used logic and reason to shut them up? ‘Member? Yeah, you ‘member!

And Andrew turned out to be exactly right. Weiner “did the thing,” as Weiner himself now puts it. It was true, every bit of it. All the Democrats with press passes tried to blame the messenger, Andrew proved them wrong, and it just made them hate him all the more.

That amazing moment has led us to where we are today. If the people who are now screaming at FBI Director James Comey had gotten their way five years ago, Anthony Weiner would still be in Congress. They’d all be chuckling about how that wingnut teabagger Andrew Breitbart made up a fake controversy in a pathetic attempt to take down their hero. Weiner would still be showing his wiener to strange women, without consequence, and right now the Hillary Clinton campaign wouldn’t be swimming in flop sweat.

Before last Friday, our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters already hated Weiner for humiliating them again and again. They just wanted him to go away. Now they’re in an outright panic that Weiner might have handed the election to Trump. (I doubt that, because I’m a cynic, but it’s still fun to watch their anguish at the possibility.) And yet they’re all pretending that they knew the whole time what a perv Weiner is. They’re pretending that his downfall just happened on its own, and that Andrew Breitbart had nothing to do with it.

Hell, USA Today just published a timeline of Carlos Danger’s career, playfully titled “The Rise and Fall of Anthony Weiner,” without mentioning Andrew once. They skip right from “Weiner becomes a liberal hero” to “Weiner posts dick pics and resigns in disgrace,” as if the truth just sorta… happened. As if all those lefties didn’t fight with all their might to blame Andrew for it. They can’t bear to give the man credit for his work, because that would mean admitting he was right and they were wrong.

As you might have heard, I’m not voting for Trump. Ever. But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate Andrew Breitbart’s contribution to history. If Hillary Clinton ends up bungling her last shot at the White House, it’ll be because of one man who stood up in front of a hostile press on that glorious day in 2011. That man is now shaking up the 2016 presidential election from the grave.

God bless Andrew Breitbart.

P.S. Speaking of James Comey… ‘Member when Democrats loved him?