Hillary Denied Clinton Foundation Was Under FBI Investigation Back In January [VIDEO]

ABC News screengrab

Kerry Picket Political Reporter

Hillary Clinton denied the Clinton Foundation was under investigation by the FBI when asked by The Des Moines Register during the Iowa Caucuses back on January 11, despite new reports revealing otherwise.


“Fox News has a report out that the FBI is expanding its investigation and looking at possible overlap between the Clinton Foundation, your role as Secretary of State and whether there was any public corruption involved. What is your comment on that, is that story true?” the reporter asked.

Clinton replied, “Absolutely not, it’s an unsourced, irresponsible claim, that has no basis and it is something that, uh, you know, really is uh, without merit and should have not any influence whatsoever in this nominating process.”

The reporter pressed again, “And to clarify, the report is without merit, you have heard no…”

Clinton interjected, “…nothing.”

Clinton was asked further, “No, nothing from the FBI…”

Clinton responded, “Nothing.”

The reported asked, “…investigators say that they are looking into that area.”

Clinton replied, “No, there is nothing like that, no. I saw it as I was coming in myself, and it was quite, unexpected and unfounded.”

“But you haven’t commented on it yet?” asked the reporter.

“No, I just did, I guess, didn’t I? Clinton responded with a laugh.

“Have you had any contact with the FBI with any investigation?” the reporter pressed.

Clinton said, “No, I mean there is, as you know there is a security inquiry going on about the you know, the classified referrals that were made to the Department of Justice, that is going on, I am certainly aware of that. It doesn’t change the fact that nothing I sent or received was classified at the time, but is has got to resolve the questions that were raised, but that is the only thing that is occurring.”

Fox News reported on the day of the Des Moines Register interview that the FBI had expanded its investigation on Clinton’s private e-mail server and her mishandling of classified information to see if there was any overlap of the Clinton Foundation with the State Department business. According to the report, the agency was specifically seeing if public corruption laws were violated.

The Wall Street Journal reported over the weekend that the FBI gave their evidence on the Clinton Foundation to DOJ back in February.

Additionally, the FBI reportedly feuded with the Department of Justice over its investigation of the Clinton Foundation and sought to tamp it down as much as possible to the frustration of the FBI.

Agents told The Journal they were notified a that a senior official from DOJ was “pissed off” about the foundation investigation and other agents were told to “stand down.”

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