Google Searches For ‘Change Early Vote’ Surge

REUTERS/Aaron Josefczyk

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Americans’ interest in changing their “early votes” has increased in recent days — conspicuously surging the day FBI Director James Comey announced that his agency would be probing more emails related to its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information.

Comey announced Friday that the FBI would be reopening its investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server. Based on Google Trends data, that day and in the days following Google searches for “change early vote” have increased.

Past 90 Days Searches for “Change Early Vote”:

Google Searches for “Change Early Vote” Since 2004:

According to the Google Trends, the states currently exhibiting the most interest based on their searches for the phrase include: Nevada, Louisiana, Kansas, New Hampshire and Arkansas.

The increased interest in changing early votes on the Friday Comey announced the renewed probe into Clinton’s emails, was relatively consistent across the states for which Google had available data.

Other variations on the search such as “changing early vote” and “change my early vote” yielded similar results.

According to CNN, while some states like Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Arizona do not allow a redo vote, others like Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, and Mississippi do allow voters to change their early vote.

(H/T Zero Hedge)