ISIS Militants Bite Women For Exposing Their Hands

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The Islamic State’s latest bizarre scheme to punish people involves militants biting women for appearing “indecent.”

The biting comes after a short “trial” before a sharia law court. After a guilty verdict is rendered, a female ISIS militant will bite the hand of the offending women, before moving on to the next case.

One former Mosul resident described another strange punishment to the Wall Street Journal: “They would slide a pen into your beard and if it didn’t stay, if it fell out because the beard wasn’t long enough, you would get lashings.”

ISIS’s occupation of Mosul has been fraught with tragic tales for its residents. The militants reportedly burned 19 young Yazidi girls alive in iron cages June 3 for refusing to be sex slaves. The horrific act reportedly occurred in the center of the town in front of hundreds of onlookers as a message to the local Iraqi population. “Nobody could do anything to save them,” an eyewitness reportedly told ARA News.

ISIS routinely rapes girls as young as 12, often buying and selling women across Syria and Iraq. The religious justification of rape is a powerful recruiting tool for ISIS as it provides a sexual loophole to men from deeply religious communities where casual sex is forbidden.

Since the Iraqi operation to retake Mosul began, ISIS has been “taking tens of thousands of men, women and children from the outskirts of Mosul and bringing them into the city … to use them as human shields against the Iraqi forces advance on Mosul,” the United Nations Human Rights Office said in a Friday statement. The UN also believes ISIS executed nearly 232 civilians in Mosul Oct. 26.

The U.S. estimate and a Syrian Observatory for Human Rights report indicate nearly one-third of ISIS fighters killed in the operation are child soldiers. U.S. officials estimate there are nearly 3,000 to 5,000 fighters remaining in the city of Mosul, who are heavily entrenched.

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