Holiday Shopping Season Is Here As Evidenced By The Fact That All The Kindles Are On Sale

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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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Some things about this time of year are certain. Thanksgiving always falls on a Thursday. Mall Santas make some children cry. And Amazon Kindles make phenomenal Christmas gifts. This last fact was true when Kindles came out in 2007 and will remain true until e-readers finally best old-fashioned books once and for all.

Amazon is officially kicking off its “Countdown to Black Friday” this year with deals on its various Kindles. They are all $20 off! Today is the first day of this “Countdown to Black Friday” event, so I’m not actually certain if this is a one-day deal or a month-long engagement. We’ll know tomorrow for sure. But it’s certainly not too early to lock down a Christmas gift for the reader in your life.

Kindle Voyage — Normally $200, now $180


Kindle Voyage E-reader, 6-inch High-Resolution Display with Adaptive Built-in Light, PagePress Sensors, Wi-Fi on sale for $179.99

The best part about the Kindle Voyage is definitely the PagePress technology. I’ll let Amazon explain:

PagePress is a custom-designed force sensor made of carbon and silver, which reacts to a subtle increase of pressure, triggers a page-turn, and provides a haptic response only your thumb can perceive. Because PagePress has no moving parts, the haptics provide you with the most minimal indication that you have pressed the button, to reduce distraction from reading.

Take my word for it. It’s pretty cool.

Kindle Paperwhite — Normally $120, now $100


Kindle Paperwhite E-reader, Black, 6-inch High-Resolution Display with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi on sale for $99.99

Unlike the regular Kindle, the Paperwhite has a built-in LED light, although it does not have the adaptive sensor of the Voyage.

All-New Kindle — Normally $80, now $60


All-New Kindle E-Reader, Black, 6-inch Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi on sale for $59.99

Despite being called the All-New Kindle, the best way of thinking about this model is as “old reliable.” It is way thinner and lighter than previous iterations, but it’s functionality is still what makes it a perfect entry-level e-reader.

If you don’t know what to get someone for Christmas, the Kindle is always a solid bet. Especially with these holiday savings.

Amazon Kindles are $20 off to kick off Black Friday season (Photo via Amazon)

Amazon Kindles are $20 off to kick off Black Friday season (Photo via Amazon)

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