Assad’s Top Man Floats Idea That Dead Civilians Are Fictional Conspiracy [VIDEO]

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Syrian Minister of Foreign Affair’s Walid Muallem accused the western media of fabricating coverage of Syria’s bombing of civilians in the city of Aleppo and throughout the country.


When an English Channel 4 News reporter asked Muallem what he made of videos of dying civilians he laughed and replied, “You are from TV, you know how to make them up.” Muallem continued to claim the Syrian regime and its Russian and Iranian allies, only target legitimate terrorist targets.

Muallem’s claim mimics Syrian President Bashar Al Assad’s claim that the famous photo of a Syrian 5 year old boy recovering from an airstrike is also fabricated. “We have real pictures of children being harmed, but this one specifically is a forged one,” Assad told Swiss Television on October 20.

“I’m just a headline — the bad president, the bad guy, who is killing the good guys,” Assad recently told Dexter Filkins of The New Yorker at a gathering of western journalists at his presidential palace in Damascus.

The Syrian Centre for Policy Research puts the number of dead civilians in Syria at 475,000 with the vast majority killed at the hands of Assad and his allies forces.

Assad and his Russian allies have in reality undertaken a more than year-long campaign of indiscriminate bombing of civilians in the city of Aleppo. Assad and Russia want to inflict pain on civilians in rebel-held areas, to cut off local support, destroy any infrastructure, and soften the opposition for the an eventual ground assault. The United Nations estimates 275,000 civilians remain inside rebel held eastern-Aleppo.

Russia reportedly instituted a 16-day “humanitarian pause” to ostensibly allow rebels and civilians to exit the city of Aleppo. Reports indicate bombing of the city will resume Friday, this time with immense firepower that could level the entire city. Russia is deploying its aircraft carrier to the Mediterranean Sea, along with several submarines capable of launching cruise missiles.

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