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Hillary Wasn’t In NYC On 9/11/01, But At Least She Got The Pulse Nightclub Shooting Right

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Hey, I’m tryin’ to look on the bright side these days. About both completely unsuitable major-party candidates for president.

I know how tough it is to listen to Hillary Clinton’s braying voice, but this clip is only 20 seconds or so. Tough it out. (Clip courtesy of Charlie Spiering)

“I know what happened not far from here, at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. I was in New York City on 9/11 as one of the two senators. I will defeat ISIS. I will protect America.”

Well, no, she wasn’t in NYC on 9/11/01. She was in Washington, DC. She flew to NYC the next day, which is when this picture was taken:

You’ll probably see that picture a lot today. It was not taken on 9/11/01.

Does it matter? This reminds me of Bobby Jindal’s speech right after Obama’s first State of the Union address in 2009. Jindal talked about what he did as governor of Louisiana “during Katrina,” and the left jumped all over him. They chose to interpret that literally, as if Jindal was talking about what he was doing the moment the hurricane actually hit, rather than in the days and weeks after. He was talking about “Hurricane Katrina” as in “all the stuff that happened because of that hurricane.” Just like everybody else does.

Is that what Hillary was doing here? Was she using “9/11” as shorthand for “all the stuff that happened because of that act of Islamic terror”? Doesn’t sound like it to me. She wants you to think she was there that day. Well, if she wants you to vote for her because she’ll prevent another 9/11 from happening, she should make that case without lying.

Imagine that!

Hillary Clinton was not named for Sir Edmund Hillary. She did not dodge sniper fire in Bosnia. She did not tell the truth about Benghazi or her email server. And she was not in New York City on September 11, 2001.

I do have to give her credit for mentioning the Pulse nightclub shooting, though. The Obama administration has bent over backwards to avoid calling that an Islamic terrorist attack, which is even more infuriating now that we can all listen to Omar Mateen claiming responsibility in the name of ISIS. It wasn’t the NRA. It wasn’t the GOP. It was Islamic terrorism.

Now the Democratic candidate for president has publicly linked that attack with 9/11. So she told a lie and told the truth in the same breath. I guess that’s somethin’.

Five more days of this, you guys. Just five more days…

P.S. No, I’m not voting for Hillary Clinton. I’m voting for her opponent.

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