We Finally Have An Answer To The “How Long Will This Deal On Kindles Last” Question

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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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This has been the burning question for the past 24 hours. Yesterday afternoon, I told you that Amazon was kicking off its “Countdown to Black Friday” event with deals on three of its most popular Kindles. But if you remember, I couched the article in uncertainty on how long the sale prices would last. I wrote:

Today is the first day of this “Countdown to Black Friday” event, so I’m not actually certain if this is a one-day deal or a month-long engagement.

It seems as if I was not the only smart shopper with this inquiry, since Amazon’s graphic of this deal now includes an important update:

Now we know (Photo via Amazon)

Now we know (Photo via Amazon)

That’s right. It now says “3 Days Only: Ends Thursday.” That clears everything up. You have the chance to save $20 on each of the All-New Kindle, the Paperwhite and Voyage, but you have to do so either today or tomorrow. Not a bad way to kick off the “Countdown to Black Friday.” Not a bad way at all.

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Amazon Kindles are $20 off to kick off Black Friday season (Photo via Amazon)

Amazon Kindles are $20 off to kick off Black Friday season (Photo via Amazon)

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