Teacher Dresses As Donald, Dances To Obscene Anti-Trump Song In Class [VIDEO]

(Screen capture from YouTube)

Derek Hunter Contributor
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A teacher in Portsmouth, N.H., dressed as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and danced to the song “Fuck Donald Trump” in front of her geometry class, Sea Coast Online reports.

The teacher, Kara Kelley of Portsmouth High School, has now been “taken out of” the classroom, according to Superintendent of Schools Stephen Zadravec.

A student captured the incident on a cell phone and quickly spread through social media. The song she danced to was by YG & Nipsey Hussle.

One parent Michael Grondahl said his son sent him a text message about what was happening in his geometry class Monday morning.

“He texted us and he felt very uncomfortable. It’s not even like this was a sociology teacher. This is a geometry teacher,” he told the media.

Watch: (Warning: explicit lyrics)

One student defended Kelly, saying she’s always dresses up for Halloween and just happened to dress as Trump this year.

“Another student played the song, not her,” that student explained to Sea Coast Online. “Yes, she danced to it, but she did in no way intentionally play the song.”

Marcy Baer, the parent of a senior at Portsmouth High, said she doesn’t want to see Kelly fired.

“It was poor judgment the teacher made today and you know what, we all make them. She made a bad choice, so let’s show (the students) that’s not how we act in a social setting. It’s about the offensiveness in the classroom,” she said.