Clinton Aide Set Up ‘Dummy’ Account On Hillary’s IPad

REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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Six years ago, prior to public knowledge that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information on a private email server, one of her State Department aides set up a “dummy” email account for her on an iPad.

According to a July 26, 2010, State Department email released through a FOIA request, Clinton aide Philippe Reines described to Hillary staffer Huma Abedin how he set up a “dummy” email account on Clinton’s IPad.

“Ok so it’s now good to go on two fronts: 1) It will automatically link into your WiFi network at Whitehaven 2) Like your Blackberry that can use either, your iPad now also has an AT&T data plan to use when you’re out and about (WiFi is generally MUCH faster, and AT&T’s network is a little overwhelmed by the demand for iPhones & iPads). I think the two things for you to get most acquainted with to start are Pulse (the news reader) and Safari, the web browser. But I set up the Weather HD app to show you the temperature in DC, Chappaqua, and Rhinebeck,” Reines wrote.

He went further on to say, “Also, there is a dummy email account on there so we can experimentally send you some paper to your iPad As always my IT services are available 24/7.”

At the start of the email controversy, Clinton first explained she used a personal email address, so she only carried one device. However, it was later discovered that she in fact emailed her staff through both an iPad and a Blackberry.

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