Obama Says ‘Handful’ Of Americans Seeing Insurance Rates Go Up … That ‘Handful’ Is 2.2 Million People [VIDEO]

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Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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While campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Miami, Florida on Thursday, President Obama said that insurance “premiums are going up for a handful of people.”

That’s hogwash.


Obama was criticizing recent attacks launched by Donald Trump and Republicans about the failing Affordable Care Act.

Obama told Thursday’s crowd that the only people who are seeing their premiums increase are the “handful of people who don’t get tax credits.”

Of the 12.7 million Americans enrolled in the Obamacare exchanges in 2016, 10.5 million receive the “law’s premium subsidies,” leaving 2.2 million people in POTUS’ so-called “handful.”

Additionally, the Obama administration has admitted that premiums will increase by, on average, 25 percent in 2017. (VIDEO: Obamacare Architect Says Premium Increases Are ‘Really A Problem’)

On Tuesday, Ezekiel Emanuel — one of the original archictects of the Affordable Care Act — admitted that rates aren’t going up in every state, the states “where they are going up a lot” are facing a serious “problem.”

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