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Afternoon Mirror: Washington Post Writer Engages In Awkward Hug

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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“Accidentally just walked halfway into a hug intended for someone else on the sidewalk
maybe can’t leave house ever again.”

Alexandra Petri, blogger and columnist, WaPo.



Sighting: Huma Abedin at Union Station 

“SPOTTED – @HumaAbedin arriving into DC Union Station this afternoon #DMV @Amtrak #Acela.” — Washington paparazzi  Mark Wilkins (a.k.a DC Celebrity). And this: “OUCH – @HillaryClinton made @HumaAbedin catch @Uber_DC to go to a Hillary Fundraiser today… #CheapSkate”

The Observer

“I’m not saying it will definitely be Ivanka. But post-Trump Trumpism will resemble her a lot more than it will her father.” — Ned Resnikoff, senior editor, Think Progress.

Will reporters get election PTSD? 

“I wonder if campaign-trail reporters after the election are gonna be like those guys who come back from war and realize they miss it.” — LAT‘s Matt Pearce.

Reporter: Poodle urinates while owner tends to other matters 

“Just watched a small poodle pee on a bigger poodle that was peeing on a Whole Foods bag as the owner texted. What a year.” — The Daily Beast‘s Erin Gloria Ryan.

Some reporters at WSJ get the shaft 

“Firing great reporters and asking them to reapply for jobs at the paper is no way for a newspaper to treat people.” — NYT’s Michael Barbaro.

Overheard in the newsroom… 

“If everyone’s making peanut butter and you’re making jelly why would you stop making jelly?”  — Anonymous.

Journalist wants to help you not be so confused 

“Some of you seem to be confused. I’ll help. Backing law enforcement doesn’t mean backing white people. It’s backing law enforcement.” — Tomi Lahren, TV host, TheBlaze.

Rosie has a terrible nickname for Donald Trump

“HE IS AN ORANGE ANUS.” — Rosie O’Donnell, former host of ABC’s The View.

NYT‘s Charles Blow: The media is totally blowing this election

“You would think Trump was actually winning (he’s not!) the way these news ppl are talking… #Irresponsible #WantAHorseRace” — NYT liberal columnist Charles Blow.