Bill Clinton Mocked Working Class Voters At Private Fundraiser

Getty/Graham Denholm

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While speaking at a private fundraiser, former president Bill Clinton scoffed at working class voters for worrying about the economic impact of immigration, leaked documents reveal.

Clinton also claimed that “non-Evangelical white working class people” are simply supporting Trump because “they have an IV hooked up to FOX News.”

Speaking at an October 2015 closed-door fundraiser in Atlanta, Georgia, Clinton was asked about his thoughts on Donald Trump.

“I think he’s a master brander and he sensing sort of the emotional landscape of people he’s selling to. Right?” Clinton said in part. “And for a significant part of the base, which are the basically the non-Evangelical white working class people, who have become alienated by the Democrats for cultural reasons and because of their, they have an IV hooked up to FOX News all the time, really.”

Clinton — who previously generated controversy after mocking “the coal people” in West Virginia and Kentucky for supporting Trump — later dismissed working class concerns about the economic impact of immigration. (RELATED: Bill Clinton Mocks ‘The Coal People’ In West Virginia, Kentucky For Supporting Trump)

“So when Trump says, ‘I’ll build a wall around Mexico and no more illegal immigrants can get in'” Clinton said, “Believe me, nobody in coal country lost a job because of a Latin-American immigrant. They lost their industry.”

Hillary Clinton has been the subject of criticism for promising to put coal miners out of business if elected. (RELATED: Hillary Admits ‘We’re Gonna Put A Lot Of Coal Miners And Coal Companies Out Of Business’)

The transcript of Bill’s speech was found among thousands of emails from Clinton campaign manager John Podesta released by transparency organization WikiLeaks.

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