MSNBC Guest’s Interview Was So Terrible The Live Feed Legit Committed Suicide [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Just moments after MTV senior political correspondent Ana Marie Cox began criticizing the FBI for being too “white” and too “male” on MSNBC Friday morning, her live feed literally died.

I just want to point out one reason why the FBI might be so Trump is that it looks like Trump,” she told host Tamron Hall. “He’s largely male, largely white. I think those are the people Hillary — that go for Trump in general.”

“I think it’s an interesting question to ask if the FBI were a more diverse place, would Comey have been facing this insurrection? I don’t think so,” she continued. “I also think that if you point that kind of thing out, that the FBI is largely white and male and therefore kind of pro-Trump, that is Hillary’s argument in general.”

“Women and people of color are going to save this nation basically, like, because we’re immune to the call of this, you know, schizophrenic, you know, psychopath, um, bigot.”

The former Wonkette blogger stated that she thinks, “you know, I mean this is just sort of par for the course in some ways.

[dcquiz] “It’s unprecedented. It’s the weaponization of transparency in a way. It’s one thing, it’s really disturbing,” she posed to Hall. “You expect Russia to tamper with our elections, I guess, but don’t expect the FBI to.”

“Well I think if you look at the civil rights movement the FBI has in the past,” Hall cut in. “So it’s not like it’s that far away of what the allegations involving Dr. Martin Luther King.”

“That’s true,” Cox agreed, which apparently was the last straw for the stream.

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