MSNBC Host Has To Be Spoon-Fed Explanation On Why ‘Comey Letter’ Is Tightening Race [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle had trouble wrapping her head around why the latest revelations into Hillary Clinton’s email server are tightening the 2016 election.

On Friday, Republican strategist Steve Schmidt had just explained that the FBI’s re-opening of the investigation into Clinton’s email server has given Trump a massive boost in his electoral college predictions.

Schmidt stated he still thinks Clinton will win the election, but the “least amount of [electoral] votes she gets is somewhere in the low 300s,” compared to the 400 he predicted prior to Comey’s announcement.

“Why in your opinion did the Comey letter carry that much weight?” Ruhle asked. “Especially because we’re still waiting for an ah-ha here.”

“This race has always been about the two most unpopular candidates running for president against each other. in the history of American polling,” Schmidt responded.

“In the history of history,” the MSNBC host added in agreement.

“So whomever the race has been about, whomever the spotlight has been on, that’s the person in the moment who has been losing,” Schmidt continued. “And so in that moment, the race went from being about Donald Trump to being about Secretary Clinton, and it being about Secretary Clinton, politically, is not advantageous to her.”

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