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PETA Tackles Very Serious Problem: Cow Rape

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Well, artificial insemination. But hey, same thing, right?

Take it away, kookburgers:

That’s right: If you’ve been raped, you’re just like a farm animal that’s been artificially inseminated. And that’s why you should feel guilty about eating meat.

If you don’t think I should be mocking and dismissing this because of my evil male privilege, maybe you’ll listen to no less an SJW superstar than Zoe Quinn herself:

If you treat animals like human beings, you’re also treating human beings like animals.

Animals are dumb. Fortunately for us, many of them are also delicious! Eat some cow today. Chew on some chicken. Pig out on pig. It’s yummy, and it’s good for you. When you stop eating it, your brain stops working properly and you join PETA.

Please don’t join PETA.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)