White Students At $64,957-Per-Year College Start SEGREGATED Club Dedicated To Bashing White People

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A group of white students at Pomona College established a new, white-people-bashing group this week with the impressively long, 10-word title: “We’ve Got Work To Do: White People for Deconstructing Whiteness.”

Pomona — one of America’s ritziest liberal arts colleges — is a small, private bastion in Southern California where the cost for one year of tuition, fees and room and board is $64,957. (The school belongs to the five-college Claremont Consortium.)

“White people at the 5C’s: we’re all racist. we’re all microaggressive,” an advertisement for the white-people-bashing group declares.

The Claremont Independent, a student newspaper, obtained the advertisement this week.

“[W]e are all not only complicit in, but actively perpetuating white supremacy,” the ad spouts on. “Pretending that we are not racist and hoping that no one will discover our racism really doesn’t cut it.” The circular for the newly-formed club also pronounces that white students “need to ACTIVELY be doing work to deconstruct our whiteness (and holding our peers accountable in doing the same).”

Not just anybody can join the fancypants college club, though. Incredibly and bizarrely, the group only allows “white people who believe white supremacy exists” to join, according to the Independent.

Race rules are lax. There’s no one-drop rule. Students of mixed ethnic heritage are welcome, the group’s founder has explained, according to the student newspaper. However, such mixed-race students must share the group’s goal “to deconstruct our whiteness.”

The exciting new campus club at Pomona has a Facebook page.

“White identity is a self-fashioned, hierarchical fantasy,” the Facebook page explains, apparently quoting some obscure UC Berkeley law professor.

White people “should dismantle the edifice of Whiteness because this mythological construct stands at the vortex of racial inequality in America,” the statement continues. (RELATED: Ivy League Professor Praises White People Who Are ‘Ready To Commit Race Suicide’)

“This is a group for White people at the 5C’s to work on owning our racism, deconstructing our Whiteness, and to engage in movement & action toward dismantling White Supremacy,” the Facebook page also says.

As of Thursday night, Pomona’s “White People for Deconstructing Whiteness” Facebook page boasts 103 members.

“The group is trying to address racism in the white community. We’re not racist and we don’t hate white people,” Pomona senior Kate Dolgenos told the Independent. “I’m really happy this group has formed and I’m excited to see what we’ll do throughout the semester.”

Student perks at on fancypants Pomona’s 140-acre, meticulously landscaped campus in sunny Southern California include dining halls with pizza stations and plenty of vegan farefree surfboards and over 250 clubs.

Pomona’s total endowment is over $2.1 billion (a bit more than the entire annual gross-domestic product of Bhutan).

Last year, the student senate at Pitzer College, another of the five Claremont Colleges, flatly rejected a student proposal to establish a campus yachting club due to concerns that the name of the yacht club is offensive and “exclusive” — and “luxurious” and “classist,” and fails to support “queer and trans people of color.” (RELATED: Student Council At $63,880-Per-Year Private College Rejects Proposed Yacht Club As Too ‘Exclusive’)

In November, minority students at Claremont McKenna College, a third Claremont school, forced the resignation of a dean because they felt she wasn’t creating a sufficient number of “safe spaces” on campus. (RELATED: Another Campus Official Forced Out By Racial Protests)

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