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Clinton Advisor Calls CNN Media Reporter Dylan Byers A ‘F**king A**Hole’


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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For as much as CNN is accused of being a biased news network in favor of liberals, the Clinton campaign is not enamored with everyone at the network — specifically media reporter Dylan Byers.

Hillary Clinton advisor Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress, a far left think tank, took issue with a story Byers wrote for Politico in the summer of 2015. The piece involved Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta yapping about the campaign while shopping at a Washington grocery store. His concerns were reported as being Jeb Bush and the “psychosis” of the media.

Byers’ story in Politico, where he worked at the time, was written off a post in Conservative Black Chick, a blog written by Crystal Wright. She overheard Podesta talking about the campaign while he shopped at Magruder’s in Washington’s Chevy Chase neighborhood. (As we already know, Podesta is a serious foodie who specializes in Risotto, but no, he has allegedly never ingested breast or sperm milk at a satanic dinner party.)

Clinton’s traveling press secretary Nick Merrill sent Byers a quote saying that much of his story was inaccurate. He did not get into major specifics on what was wrong. Byers nonetheless added the update.

“UPDATE (7:36 p.m.): Nick Merrill, Clinton’s press secretary, emails: ‘John admits to thinking that at times the press can be a bit psychotic, but the rest is inaccurate. He’ll be more careful next time he’s at Magruders.'”

The update didn’t appease Tanden.

Tanden and Byers proceeded to have a fairly passive-aggressive Twitter fight.

Later, Tanden sent the entire exchange to Podesta and added her two cents: “That guy is a fucking asshole.”

The insult was revealed in the latest WikiLeaks dump of Podesta’s emails.

When asked for comment, Byers replied, “link?”

The Mirror sent him the link and then received this response:

“I always welcome reader feedback,” he told The Mirror Saturday

Here’s the Twitter fight between Tanden and Byers:



While it wasn’t a long fight, she gets her vague point across, which is that she does not think Byers is too bright.