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Clinton Advisor Boasts About Winning Twitter Fight With Reporter


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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A grown woman working for Hillary Clinton‘s presidential campaign has officially declared herself the winner of the Twitter fight with a reporter.

The Mirror has already brought you the news that Clinton advisor Neera Tanden thinks CNN media reporter Dylan Byers is a “fucking asshole” for a story that ran in the summer of 2015. Byers used to have a somewhat high profile — that has since diminished under the glare of CNN “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter‘s preachy personality, shiny teeth and big bald head.

But let’s not digress.

Tandon and Byers proceeded to have a tense Twitter exchange that could hardly be considered anything more than a vanilla conversation.

As disclosed in the latest WikiLeaks dump, after the exchange, Tanden hilariously wrote Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta to inform him that she had won the fight. Byers worked for Politico at the time. He’s now employed at CNN.

Before she had the so-called “fight” with Byers, Tanden asked Podesta for permission about what she could say to Byers, setting feminism back a few decades.

For context purposes, remember that Byers’ story was based on a post on Conservative Black Chick run by Crystal Wright. The piece involved Wright overhearing Podesta chatting on his cell phone while shopping at Washington, D.C.’s Magruder’s supermarket.

The funniest line is when Tanden writes: “The press is psychotic!!! But I will tweet now w/o actually saying they are psychotic.”

NEERA TANDEN: let me know if there’s anything I or we (thru c4?) can do to help. It’s such outrageous bullshit. I feel like tweeting of course john thinks media is psychotic. But no doubt responsibility for that is media’s alone. But I won’t do anything unless you tell me it helps.

JOHN PODESTA: I think you could tweet: The media’s reaction to this story is a demonstration of his point.

NEERA TANDEN: Can I also call it bs? Or just describe it as third hand account from a conservative blogger?

JOHN PODESTA: I did say the press is psychotic the rest was bs. BTW I never talk about Larry Cohen so what Larry might I have been discussing?

NEERA TANDEN: I assumed that! I mean you and I have discussed how the press is psychotic a million times. But you have never blamed Hillaryland. I mean that is ridiculous. The press is psychotic!!! But I will tweet now w/o actually saying they are psychotic.

JOHN PODESTA: I didn’t do that but the press staff thinks I did.

NEERA TANDEN: Ok I just had an pretty epic battle w dylan Byers and I think I bested him. Will send you chain.

JOHN PODESTA: They are fucking psychotic.

Just so we are clear, Podesta does NOT think the press is psychotic. He thinks it is fucking psychotic.