Politico Reporter Was ‘Glad’ Hundreds Of Superdelegates Backed Hillary

(Youtube screenshot/ CBS This Morning)

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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Politico’s chief political correspondent Glenn Thrush was “glad” that Hillary Clinton had secured the support of hundreds of superdelegates, according to an email chain published Sunday by WikiLeaks.

Thrush is the same Politico reporter who has been exposed twice in WikiLeaks emails for sending parts of stories for approval to Clinton staffers.

In the August 28, 2015 email chain, Thrush initially asked Podesta, “did u see that MJ thing? Says u got 400-plus commitments… OTR/true?” The “MJ thing” Thrush is referring to is likely an article written by Mark Halperin and Jennifer Epstein in Bloomberg that day that said Clinton had secured the support of 440 superdelegates. (RELATED: Politico Reporter Sends Story To Hillary Aide For Approval, Admits He’s A Hack)

Podesta then responded, “yes.” Thrush wrote back, “I’m glad! Do u have 30 seconds?”

Thrush has denied to The Daily Caller that the email chain shows he was glad about the superdelegate support for Hillary. “He saw the report and seemed to want to talk about it — which meant I might get news, hence ‘glad,'” Thrush said. (RELATED: Politico Reporter Gets Caught AGAIN Sending A Story To A Clinton Staffer For Approval)

Thrush couldn’t confirm the story he was referring to and told TheDC, “I dunno… morning joe? I have zero recollection of the exchange.”

TheDC pressed Thrush and asked him why he would assume Podesta said “yes” to only the question about whether he read the story and not the accompanying question about whether the story was true. Thrush said, “print your fake story, which is cool because you work for the Daily Caller.”

Politico’s spokesman did not immediately respond to a press inquiry about whether they are fine with one of their reporters cheering on a candidate.