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Bernie Bro Heckles Hillary At Her Own Rally, Gets Escorted Offstage

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This weekend, a young man in Iowa did the worst thing any American can do during a presidential campaign: He expressed his honest opinion about both candidates.

Justin Baragona, Mediaite:

During a rally for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Saturday, a college student who was given a speaking slot was quickly escorted off stage after he used his speech to criticize the candidate…

At a rally in Ames at Iowa State University, Bernie [Sanders] stumped for the Democratic candidate, making the case that she will help reduce student debt…

Bernie likely made sure to hammer this point home yesterday due to the actions of warm-up speaker Kaleb Vanfosson, president of the university’s Young Democratic Socialists.

Young Mr. Vanfosson started off by criticizing Trump, which was fine. But then he immediately noted the reasons #HesNotWithHer either, so he was quickly escorted off the stage.

This close to Election Day, the worst thing you can do is explain why you don’t think either of the two major-party candidates for president should be elected. You must choose one or the other. Then you must say things you don’t actually believe about the one you’ve chosen. You need to muster as much fake enthusiasm as possible, because if you don’t, the angry mob will remember your treason.

After all, everybody else has compromised their principles. What makes you so special?

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Jim Treacher