Clinton’s Chief Strategist: ‘This Email Thing’ Is Too Little Too Late [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Joel Benenson, Hillary Clinton’s chief campaign strategist, told the “Morning Joe” crew on Monday that Clinton’s whole “email thing” will not influence the final two days of the election.

“The Comey letter,” host Mika Brzezinski posed to Benenson. “Too little too late?”

Benenson noted that he had “been here a lot talking about this.”

“I think for most voters, they made decisions about this email thing a couple months ago,” he continued. “The last couple of episodes here are — could be a distraction. We haven’t made them a distraction.” (RELATED: Clinton Camp FREAKS OUT About Upcoming WikiLeaks Releases)

Benenson noted that “Hillary Clinton has been going out, talking to voters.”

“She’s going to close her argument talking to voters about their lives,” he added. “That’s what people are making these final decisions on. Take a look at these two people. Which one of these people is really going to create the America I want for my kids and grandkids and a better future for me?”

“That’s what people are going do be voting on, I think, and anybody making their mind up in the last 24 hours, that’s what that’s about.”

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