Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions: ‘These Are Votes From Real American People’

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Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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NEW YORK — An upbeat Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, one of the Republican nominee’s closest advisers, said of Donald Trump’s sweep of battleground states: “These are votes from real American people.”

Speaking to The Daily Caller early Wednesday morning here at Trump’s election night party, Sessions said of Trump’s performance in the election: “You know, it’s just one of the most thrilling things I’ve seen. I thought this could happen, but the evening started off pretty negative with Florida in bad numbers. Ohio in bad numbers. You say oh no, it’s going to happen again. But the American people moved these numbers.”

“These are votes from real American people,” Sessions said. “They stood up to intense negative media against Donald Trump, they stood up against biased media, stood up against negative ads.”

Added Sessions: “I think it’s a tribute to the American people. Washington has not been listening to them. They are right about that. They’ve asked for a lawful system of immigration that protects America’s interests, they’re right about that, there’s nothing wrong about that. Washington wouldn’t give it to them. They believed the trade policies weren’t working for them, and Washington just slammed the door on it, wouldn’t even discuss it, passed a new TPP on top of these old trade deals. They slammed the door on that.”

Sessions, who said he spoke with Trump earlier Tuesday, said he was optimistic about how the outcome.

“I’d rather be in his shoes than hers at this moment,” Sessions said. “But it’s not over. We’ll have to see. No matter what the final outcome is, against the host of forces, he stood strong, he didn’t back down, and the people rewarded him with their loyalty.”

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