Greg Gutfeld: This Election ‘Was The F.U.’ To Pop Culture

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Fox News’s Greg Gutfeld just said that this election “was the F.U. to popular culture” and credited Michael Moore for being right about the country’s mood.

On Tuesday night, the host of the “The Five” appeared on the network’s panel to talk about the election results as one state after another fell to Donald Trump camp. (RELATED: Chris Matthews Shares Kennedy Election Night Porn Story [VIDEO])

Greg Gutfeld (photo: YouTube Screen Shot)

(photo: YouTube Screen Shot)

“I think the mistake here was portraying this as insider versus outsider,” Gutfeld told the panel. “This is culture versus culture. When you’re in a small town and Katy Perry and Lady Gaga and Funny or Die, Miley Cyrus mock you for your unhappiness and for your beliefs…You now see millions of people saying ‘I’ve had enough of that culture.'”

“‘I don’t need you anymore,'” he added. “This was the F.U. to popular culture. Hillary is less liked than the flu, but it’s more than that. It’s about the people that assumed she had this to begin with. That she was entitled.”

“Very rare will I give a mea culpa, but I gotta give one to Michael Moore,” he continued. “He was the most correct person on this because he was on the left and he saw what was happening. He saw a wide swath of people that were unhappy and ignored by both the left and the right.” “

“Lastly, one more thing about Trump, ideology is dead, he killed it.”