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Stephen Colbert Takes A Break From Sneering At Half Of America To Lament How Divided We Are

(YouTube/screen shot)

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Colbert’s low-rated CBS show was preempted last night by the Trump Train, so for some reason he did his show, live, on Showtime. I guess so he could cuss on live TV? I dunno. But Showtime has put up a 10-minute clip from the end of the broadcast, when it was becoming clear to Colbert that Trump was winning. It’s pretty remarkable:

Okay, hold on a sec. All the stuff about “divided America” and “we drink the poison and it feels good,” that’s all fine. He’s right about that.

But see… that’s how he got rich and famous in the first place.

Really, Colbert? You’re gonna lecture us about how nobody trusts each other anymore? You and Samantha Bee and the rest of the Daily Show diaspora have made a pretty penny out of appealing to your audience’s prejudices. You live for the applause breaks you get when you really DESTROY those filthy teabaggers. If it weren’t for your zeal to demonize half of America, nobody ever would’ve heard of you.

Well, you did it. You got the Republican boogeyman you wanted, because you figured even Grandma could beat him. She didn’t. And now you’re living in the world you created.

Go ahead and tell your jokes. Spend all the money you make from dividing us. Just spare us the lectures when it works.

P.S. Strangers With Candy was great, BTW. I guess that was before your head went completely up your own ass.