9/11 Victim’s Family Outraged People Compare That Day To Trump’s Win

Photo: REUTERS/Sean Adair

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Many people who are upset with Trump being voted into the White House have been referring to the day he was named president-elect as the second worst day in American history, after September 11.

It should come as no surprise that the comparison caused an outrage from families and friends who lost loved ones on that tragic day in 2001. The attacks on 9/11 killed thousands of innocent people, and for people to compare that to the democratic election of a candidate is “absolutely absurd,” they say.

Carmen Suarez was “totally disgusted” when she saw the comparison on social media. “That day is a day that the whole nation lost. That was a devastation to America–to everybody. But for you to compare an election–an election?” Suarez said.

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The image above, posted by Snoop Dogg on Instagram, was widespread on social media on Wednesday after Trump was announced the President-elect.

Ray Suarez, the husband and father to the two women in the video, was a NYPD officer who died saving the victims of the terrorist attacks, TMZ reports. The Suarez family as well as thousands (and perhaps millions) of other people have every right to be furious about the comparison.

“Yes, it was an election, it was a President that maybe we didn’t want, maybe some people may want,” Suarez continued. “Life goes on and yes, this election is now over and we got to move forward from here and leave it up to God’s hands.”

“However, do NOT compare it to September 11. That’s ridiculous. My husband died on that day saving lives. What did Trump do? He just got elected for President.”

“To compare 9/11, which is murders of innocent people because of an attack on our country to an election, it’s absurd. It’s absolutely absurd,” Suarez daughter Jillian said.

“How ignorant can you be to compare September 11 to an election,” Suarez concluded.