EERIE: ‘Halloween Mask Index’ Once Again Correctly Predicts Presidential Election

Trump mask Getty Images/NIKLAS HALLE'N

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Just prior to each presidential election in the United States, costume retailer Spirit Halloween releases a survey showing which major candidate’s mask is more popular. For the last 20 years, this popularity survey has also predicted the winner of the election.

Did the Spirit Halloween mask survey eerily predict the winner of the 2016 presidential election? Yes!

Spirit Halloween (motto: “So much fun it’s scary”) announced just prior to Halloween that masks vaguely resembling President-elect Donald Trump had proved to be much more popular than the mask vaguely resembling this year, according to CBS News.

Trump masks outsold Clinton masks by a margin of 55 percent to 45 percent this Halloween season.

The latex guise approximating Trump’s mug was so yuge, in fact, that retailers could barely keep it in stock.

Rubie’s Costume Company, the world’s largest Halloween costume manufacturer, had to boost production — at its factory in Mexico — to keep up with the demand for Trump masks, CBS reported.

“I am definitely surprised by the demand,” Rubie’s executive Howard Beige told CBS. “We will be in production until the last few days before Halloween on these items.”

“At this point, we’re behind,” he lamented during the pre-Halloween interview.

“When Obama was running, his mask did really well,” Beige also observed. “I would say the Trump line is almost double the sales of that.”

“Anyone trying to get in at the last minute — I don’t think any would be available,” he said.

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