This Shoe Company Voiced Support For Donald Trump, Then Folks Went Ahead And Burned Their Shoes

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A prominent shoe company is looking forward to the upcoming Trump administration. New Balance (which, incidentally, is currently running a 10 percent off deal) apparently had a fraught relationship with President Obama, as evidenced by their positive comments on president-elect Donald Trump. Wall Street Journal’s Sara Germano reports:

New Balance’s beef with the outgoing president stems from his Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, which Donald Trump has promised to oppose when he takes office.

Anti-Trump protesters were none too pleased with the above statement. Many tweeted images and videos of them burning their New Balances:

It is unclear why these protesters, who claim that Donald Trump does not care about the poor or downtrodden, would destroy their New Balances rather than donate them to a Good Will or Salvation Army.

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Steve Jobs wore New Balance (YouTube Screenshot)

Steve Jobs wore New Balance (YouTube Screenshot)

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