NY Obamacare Officials Not Worried About Hacking Risks

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New York’s Obamacare health exchange website is reportedly ignoring the warnings of federal investigators that the website is risking personal patient information.

The New York State of Health exchange is jeopardizing the “confidentiality, integrity and availability of the marketplace” because it hasn’t “adequately” secured its website against hackers,  according to a U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Inspector General (IG) report made public Thursday.

“Although we did not identify evidence that the vulnerabilities in the New York marketplace’s web site had been exploited, exploitation could have resulted in unauthorized access to and disclosure of personally identifiable information, as well as disruption of critical marketplace operations,” the IG found.

“In addition, without proper safeguards, systems were not protected from individuals and groups with malicious intent to obtain access in order to commit fraud, waste, or abuse or launch attacks against other computer systems and networks,” the IG continued.

Federal taxpayers gave New York $571 million to start up the insurance enrollment site.

New York health care officials denied that their system is at risk and refused to tell the IG whether they would address concerns, according to the report. (RELATED: Obamacare Architect LAUGHS While Talking About Skyrocketing Premiums)

“The New York marketplace disagreed with one of the findings and in some instances disagreed with the scanning tool’s assignment of the risk level because the New York marketplace determined that the findings did not pose any risk to the protection of personally identifiable information,” the IG said.

The IG didn’t detail the website’s security risks, deeming them too sensitive to make public.

New York isn’t the first exchange to put personal customer information at risk. The IG found similar problems earlier this year in Washington and California.

Roughly half of the state exchanges established under Obamacare have collapsed, but the rest could soon disappear — along with Obamacare — if President-elect Donald Trump succeeds in keeping his campaign promise to “repeal and replace.”

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