Lindsey Graham Calls On Trump To Nominate Ted Cruz To SCOTUS

Kerry Picket Political Reporter

South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham urged Donald Trump to nominate Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz to the Supreme Court Thursday.

Senate Republicans have no plans to schedule hearings for President Barack Obama’s SCOTUS nominee Merrick Garland, which leaves President-elect Donald Trump the opportunity to nominate his own jurist.

Graham, a former 2016 Republic presidential primary candidate like his fellow senator Cruz, was a long time critic of both Trump and Cruz but he says he trusts Trump will nominate conservative justices.

“I’m here to tell my Democratic colleagues that I voted for Obama’s nominees,” Graham told WYFF-TV. “I expect them to give Trump’s nominees a fair shake. He won this election. He will pick a conservative. I would put Ted Cruz on that list.”

Trump previously suggested he might consider Republican Utah Sen. Mike Lee , a close friend of Cruz, to the high court prior to the Texan’s endorsement of the New York billionaire. Lee, however, said he would refuse the nomination.

Graham added that there was “no stronger constitutional conservative” and cautioned Democrats, “If they try to block this pick, they will regret it.” He added, “If you don’t honor Trump’s nominee, you’re making a huge mistake.”

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