Vietnam Soldier Recounts Intense Battle For Veterans Day

Battle of La Drang (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube AARP)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

AARP released a video on Veterans Day of Vietnam veteran Colonel Tony Nadal discussing his experience in the field.

The video titled, “Dodging Bullets for a Soldier’s Body | The Battle I’ll Never Forget,” shows actual film football of LZ X-Ray during the Battle of la Drang.

“Under fire we go forward. This time they’re throwing hand grenades at me. We get the soldier back and the crescendo of the fight starts building up. When I say crescendo I’m talking about the noise level in the battle. I’m talking about the sound of machine guns firing and artillery landing,” Nadal said in part while describing the intensity of the battle.


Nadal’s experience and the experience of his men was chronicled in the incredibly popular book “We Were Soldiers Once and Young.” The book was later turned into the movie titled, “We Were Soldiers,” starring Mel Gibson.

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