CNN Pushes Narrative Of Trump-Inspired Anti-Muslim Crimewave

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Liberal news network CNN is pushing a narrative of an anti-Muslim crimewave inspired by Donald Trump’s election.

An article published Saturday night catalogued various reports — some unconfirmed — of anti-Muslim incidents.

One anti-Muslim incident that was breathlessly reported by the press — although not included in CNN’s article on Saturday — has already been proven to be a hoax.

A Muslim woman who claimed to have been attacked and robbed by supporters of President-elect Donald Trump after his election on Tuesday admitted that she made the whole thing up.

The woman, who attends the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, claimed that two white men, one of whom was wearing a Trump hat, attacked her and stole her wallet and the hijab she was wearing.

The unnamed woman claimed her attackers knocked her to the ground while hurling racial slurs at her.

She later admitted to police that she fabricated the entire thing. (RELATED: Student Admits She Made Up Attack By Trump Supporters)


Reason columnist Elizabeth Brown argued that the entire notion of a Trump-inspired crimewave is false in a column titled, “There Is No Violent Hate-Crimewave In ‘Trump’s America.'”

Documents released by WikiLeaks revealed the close relationship between CNN — which some Trump supporters refer to as the Clinton News Network — and the Clinton campaign. (RELATED: CNN Source Fed Clinton Camp Information)

The network has yet to explain how interim DNC chair Donna Brazile — who had a contract with CNN before being fired in late October — obtained multiple debate questions which she then passed on to the Clinton campaign.

Corrrection: An earlier version of this story said that CNN was still pushing the hoax story about the Muslim woman who fabricated the attack against her. CNN was actually referencing a different incident. 

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