Poll Expert Eats Bug On TV After Missing Trump Prediction [VIDEO]

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter

A Princeton professor who promised to eat a bug if Donald Trump won more then 240 electoral votes followed through on his pledge Saturday on CNN.

Sam Wang, a neuroscientist who runs the Princeton Election Consortium, gobbled up a honey-covered gourmet cricket on Michael Smerconish’s show.

Wang first promised to eat the bug in October.

He remained confident in that call even after FBI director James Comey dropped a bombshell on the Clinton campaign by revisiting the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s emails.

“This race is the most stable statistically speaking since Eisenhower beat Stevenson in 1952,” Wang said in an interview with Smerconish last weekend. “I think things are looking the same, and we should stay calm.”

Trump currently has 290 electoral votes. He could end up with 306 in all, depending on how Michigan breaks. That race has still not been called, but Trump leads Hillary Clinton by around 12,000 votes.

Watch Wang eat the bug:

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