Watch This Man’s Epic Rant About Liberal ‘Cry-Babies’ Who Lost To Trump [VIDEO]

Derek Draplin Associate Editor
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A video of an African American man calling out the liberal responses to Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election has gone viral.

The man, who identifies himself as Deion Alexander, says liberal cry-babies are why Trump won the election.

“Obviously it’s not Republicans out there causing all this destruction, you know, burning up the streets, blocking roads and things like that. It’s the liberals,” he says. “These are the same people that are against the second amendment because they want to decrease violence so nobody should have guns. The Same people who are anti-abortion because they want to save lives.”


“And you’re causing all this destruction just because your candidate lost. See, that’s the problem with this country, you can’t always get your way. Everybody wants to be politically correct. Quit being cry-babies,” he said.

Alexander called out liberals for not respecting the American flag, not saying the pledge of allegiance, and not recognizing the Bible, among other things, because they’re entitled.

“You didn’t fight for anything, but you want it. It doesn’t work like that,” he added.

“Quit tearing up stuff, quit causing destruction and preaching peace, cause you’re contradicting yourself,” Alexander concluded.

The video was posted on Twitter by Jaden Bell.

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