Experts: Mexico Is Not Prepared To Handle Influx Of Deported Immigrants

REUTERS/Jorge Duenes

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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For a long time Mexico has served as a primary source for immigration to the United States — but this is likely to change under a Donald Trump presidency. El Universal, one of Mexico’s largest newspapers, reported Sunday that the nation is not equipped for this change.

Rev. Alejandro Solalinde, who is heavily involved with migrant’s rights, told El Universal, “Mexico is going to become a destination country, and highly cosmopolitan; in the United States now you won’t be able to live, not because of lack of work, if not because of racism, intolerance, and violence that will occur.”

This year there has been an influx of Haitian and African migrants working their way up through Central America and Mexico with the goal of reaching the United States. From March to October, Mexico detained more African migrants than they had in the past four years combined.

Leticia Gutierrez, from the Mission for Migrants and Refugees, said that migrants will keep coming through Mexico with the goal of reaching the United States even if a wall is built. She said that many will end up staying in Mexico.

This possibility, combined with millions of illegal Mexican immigrants being deported from the United States, is something Rev. Solalinde said Mexican officials are not ready for. Gutierrez also agrees that Mexico and other Central American countries are not ready for the changes a Donald Trump presidency will likely bring.