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SNL Holds Funeral For Hillary Clinton’s Political Career

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If you tuned into last night’s SNL expecting to see a sketch about Donald Trump’s astonishing win, that’s not what you got. Instead, you got Kate McKinnon in her Hillary Clinton duds, singing the late Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” and crying.

No, seriously.

Hey, do you think Kate McKinnon wanted Hillary to win?

This show just jumped the sharkskin pantsuit. I know this is supposed to be cathartic for the Hillbots, but does SNL really think everybody else is as devastated by Hillary’s loss as they are? Do they really think any of the 60 million Trump voters were going to tune in and weep along with Kate? Don’t they understand that this sort of insularity is why the Democrats got blindsided on Tuesday night?

My pal OrwellForks said it best:

A year ago, Donald Trump himself hosted SNL. Last month, they hired Alec Baldwin to play him. They had a great old time making fun of that big dummy. Lotsa laughs. Great ratings. And if Trump running for president made for such terrific gut-busting comedy, you’d think they could come up with some jokes about him actually winning. Some of that great SNL political satire. But for some reason, Baldwin doesn’t want to play Trump anymore. He didn’t show up for the entire episode.

Do you really think that if Trump had lost, Alec Baldwin would’ve missed a chance to twist the knife one more time? That dude lives for payback. At one point he was even feuding with his own daughter.

Instead, you would’ve thought this was their first show back after 9/11. Which I guess it was, for them.

All year, SNL has treated Trump like a joke. Frankly, so have I. I did not and could not vote for him. But when he won, at least I admitted I was wrong about his chances of winning, and I congratulated him. I acknowledged that there’s more to this whole phenomenon than I’m seeing. I’m trying to understand it. I’m not just dismissing Trump voters as racists and sexists and xenophobes. And I’m at least trying to throw in some jokes.

We know you didn’t want him to win, Lorne. But he did. Clearly you weren’t prepared for that eventuality this week, but maybe in time you’ll be able to find some humor in it.

After all, that is your job.

Update: And here’s another reason why SNL’s “funeral” was completely awful.

It just occurred to me… If SNL is so bummed out about a woman missing her shot at the White House, why did they do everything they could to tear down Sarah Palin? And that was after Tina Fey had already made the case for putting a woman in the White House because “Bitch is the new black.” It’s almost as if they’re all incredibly dishonest partisans or something.

Update: I don’t know how long this clip will stay up (I think the weird superimposed boxes are to fool copyright-bots or something), but here’s a compilation of Norm Macdonald on Weekend Update, slamming Bill and Hillary Clinton relentlessly. In retrospect, it seems obvious why NBC fired him. He didn’t worship Hillary.