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British Comedian DESTROYS Clueless Americans Over Election Result

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No, not John Oliver. He’s still in complete denial. He and his adoring fans are like the Hosts on one of Oliver’s lead-in HBO shows, Westworld. Anytime they see something that doesn’t conform with their carefully maintained view of the world — for example, 60 million Trump voters who didn’t care about people like John Oliver screaming at them — the self-protecting programming kicks in: “It doesn’t look like anything to me.” Liberals can only perform their designated functions by denying reality. They’re robots, and that’s how they like it.

As Robby Soave at Reason magazine argues, Trump won because he ran against political correctness. People are tired of being told what they can’t say. They’re tired of trigger warnings and safe spaces. They’re tired of identity politics. And I’m right there with ’em. I’ve spoken out about that crap for years. I resent being lied about just because I dissent. I didn’t think Trump was the solution to this problem, and I still don’t, but it’s increasingly clear that tens of millions of American voters did.

The Democrats and media people (pardon the redundancy) who are now sobbing and running to John Oliver for comfort are the very same people who put Trump in power. They’ve done this to themselves.

So no, I’m not talking about that delusional limey jerk. I’m talking about Tom Walker, a British comedian who has created a satirical newsman named “Jonathan Pie.” Walker’s schtick is to present himself as a typical prim-and-proper BBC News reporter, and then to show you the clear-eyed and incredibly vulgar stuff “Pie” says when he thinks nobody’s watching.

Here’s an example from October 2015. WARNING: Lots of incredibly rude language.

I don’t know what Walker’s politics are, but “Pie” seems to be thoroughly a man of the left. It’s just that, unlike John Oliver, he’s able to see through his own side’s delusions and hypocrisy.

So keep all that in mind as you watch the following. It’s scripted, and it’s being delivered by a fictional character, but it’s intended to get at a larger truth. Think of it like a monologue from The West Wing, but with much more cursing and much less Sorkinesque smugness.

Or, to put it in terms the New York Times can easily understand: What you’re about to see is fake but accurate.

“Being offended doesn’t work anymore!” Somebody please write that on a cake and send it to John Oliver.

And that goes for all y’all. I don’t agree with Donald Trump on much, if anything. For the next four years, I will say so when I think it needs to be said. If you want to assume the worst about me over it, if you want to insult me and impugn my motives and shriek about how much I’m offending you, go ahead.

But eventually, if you insist on dismissing everyone who disagrees with you, the tide will turn. Suddenly, your side will no longer be in power. And you won’t see it coming.

At which point I’ll tell you the same thing I’m telling the Democrats today, as they lick their wounds and blame everybody but themselves:

You should have listened.

Don’t be this guy.

(Hat tip: @EsotericCD and @redsteeze)