Press Turns Up Its Dishonesty To 11

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Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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President-elect Donald Trump has continued to rail agains the press on Twitter since the election and with seemingly good reason.

New York Times writer Emma Roller asked Trump on Twitter Wednesday, “Any comment on 200+ hate crimes that have occurred since Tuesday?”

“Things Trump has criticized on Twitter post election — media, protestors Things Trump has not criticized– racist incidents around country,” Los Angeles Times reporter Chris Megerian wrote Wednesday on Twitter.

Roller and Megerian are just two of a plethora of journalists decrying Trump for attacking the press, but not racist incidents around the country.

The problem with this criticism of Trump is no one has been arrested over these allegations. Check out the Time magazine’s article about hundreds of racist and anti-Semitic incidents around the country since Trump’s election. It lists mostly cases of vandalism for which no one has been arrested. There have also been previous incidents of racist vandalism perpetrated by leftists as a hoax.

One “racist” incident Time lists is, “students at Royal Oak Middle School in Royal Oak, Mich., chanted ‘build that wall!’ during their lunch period.” The only people who have been arrested for vandalism since Trump’s election have been anti-Trump rioters. And the only arrest in a hijab snatching attack? The woman who made up the claim that two Trump supporters assaulted her and stole her hijab.

On the other hand, since Trump’s election, there have been three arrests for political related violence against Trump supporters. Two were Connecticut men who punched and kicked a man holding a Trump sign. The other was a 23 year old woman who assaulted a geriatric man.

On “60 Minutes,” Trump was asked about supporters of his “harassing Latinos, Muslims.” He said he hadn’t really heard of these incidents and added, “I am so saddened to hear that. And I say, ‘Stop it.'”

Press outlets are outraged about an influx of racist vandalism, but none of it has actually been proven to be by Trump supporters. At the same time, vandalism and violence from Trump-haters is proven and many cases is on video. (RELATED: Black Guys Assault White Man While Shouting Anti-Trump Slogans [VIDEO])

So will The New York Times ask Harry Reid to denounce the liberal violence from Portland to New York?