Old, Bitter Socialist From Tiny State Bashes Electoral College After Trump Win

(Reuters/Carlo Allegri)

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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders criticized the Electoral College in the wake of Donald Trump’s presidential election victory because, he said, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote and closely contested states receive too much attention.

“We may want to take a look at the whole Electoral College, which is seating a man for president who didn’t get the most votes,” Sanders told USA Today this week.

“This is something we need a serious discussion on,” the self-proclaimed socialist and unsuccessful presidential candidate continued. “This campaign revolved around 15 states of the country, right? Battleground states. My state of Vermont is a strong Democratic state; no one paid attention. Wyoming is a Republican state; nobody paid attention to Wyoming. Is that a good way?”

“I think we want to rethink that,” he said.

Sanders failed to explain how the abolition of the Electoral College could possibly cause Vermont (pop.: 626,562) and Wyoming (pop.: 584,153) to receive more attention from presidential candidates in a nation of 318.9 million people.

Sanders also failed to explain why his state should have two U.S. senators — out of just 100 total — even though its population roughly equal to the population of El Paso, Texas.

In the rest of the USA Today interview, Sanders suggested that “there is an overlap” between his supporters and Trump supporters.

“Why is it that you’re having a decent job at a factory, and that factory has gone to China?” Sanders asked. “Why is it that you’re seeing almost all new income and wealth go to the top 1 percent? People are angry and they’re frustrated.”

Back in July, Sanders introduced a bill to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour while only paying his own interns just $12 per hour. Around that time, he was speaking with a red, white and blue, flag-motif sign reading “GOOD JOBS NATION!” squarely in front of his lectern. (RELATED: Sanders Demands $15 Per Hour Minimum Wage, Pays His Own Interns $12 PER HOUR)

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