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Hang In There, #ImWithHer: Hillary Clinton Wins New Hampshire!!!

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Don’t call it a comeback
She’s been here for years
Rockin’ her peers
Puttin’ dentures in here

As you may have noticed, our friends on the other side of the aisle are having a bit of trouble coming to terms with the idea of President Trump. But all is not lost for the Hillbots. There’s still a glimmer of hope!

Mark Hensch, The Hill:

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has won New Hampshire and its four Electoral College votes, nearly a week after Donald Trump was declared the winner of the presidential election.

Sweet. Hey, scoff all you want, but four electoral votes is four electoral votes. How many electoral votes did you get? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Okay, so that brings Hillary up to about… let’s see…

Trump’s edge in the Electoral College votes now stands at 290 to Clinton’s 232.



Well, okay, okay, she can still win this. We just have to think outside the box. Or in this case, the basket of deplorables. Bruce Golding, NY Post:

President-elect Donald Trump’s declaration that he’d like to see the Electoral College abolished — despite losing the popular vote on Election Day — could give a shot in the arm to reform efforts, opponents of the system said Monday…

…[A] movement that wouldn’t require amending the Constitution — called the National Popular Vote Compact — has been quietly gaining steam since its introduction in 2007.

Under the plan, states would use their constitutional “plenary power” to award their electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote once there’s support among enough states to make it work.

There you go! If the rules don’t give you what you want, just change the rules. And never mind that the same people now trying to move the goalposts were the ones screaming at Trump for saying the same thing. That was a whole week ago. That was a whole election ago.

Sorry if I sound smug, but I can’t help it because I am. On Election Day, I was completely prepared for whatever happened. I didn’t want either one of them to win, so I would’ve been satisfied with either of them losing. I was pleasantly surprised and greatly relieved that it was Hillary. It’s still dawning on me that I won’t have to listen to that grating harridan bellowing at me for the next four years, and it’s a great feeling.

But if Hillary had won, I wouldn’t now be standing among the Republicans calling for a rule change after the game was already lost. She would’ve been my president.