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INSPIRING: Lena Dunham Leaves Paul Ryan A Voicemail

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

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The video you’re about to see is incredibly inspiring, you guys. I know it is, because that’s what Marie Claire tweeted about it.


Now get ready for some incredible inspiration. Go Lena, go Lena, go!

Ummmmm, hello? Doesn’t Paul Ryan know that he needs to give people like Lena Dunham more than 25 seconds to express their pain and outrage and indignation? Who is he to tell a proud Jewish woman, who actually knows several People of Color and who literally cares about the world, that she should be satisfied with her recording? #mansplaining

Clearly, Ms. Dunham has learned a valuable lesson from what happened last week. When you lose an election because of your single-minded obsession with identity politics, there’s no greater refuge than… identity politics!

Look, I don’t like Steve Bannon any better than these guys and/or gals do. The more I learn about him, the more relieved I am that I’ve never worked at Breitbart.com. (Rest in peace, Andrew. I supported your work, and that’s why I really wish you hadn’t named your site after yourself.) But I’ll tell these whiners the same thing I told the Republicans when it looked like Trump was going to lose: You should’ve nominated a better candidate. You should’ve made a better argument. You should’ve done a better job.

By all means, oppose Trump’s appointments if you think he’s doing the wrong thing. You have the right to speak your mind. But that doesn’t mean he has to listen. You didn’t listen for eight years, and it has cost you dearly. It may end up costing him dearly, in the long run. It may end up costing all of us. But for now… too bad.

You didn’t get what you wanted. It happens to the best of us. Move on dot org.

Nobody is entitled to anything. Not even Lena Dunham.

(Hat tip: Sonny Bunch)