Kellyanne Conway SHUTS DOWN Anti-Trump Protesters — Even Obama Accepted The Results [VIDEO]

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Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Kellyanne Conway stopped by “Fox & Friends” for an interview on Tuesday, during which Donald Trump’s campaign manager criticized Americans protesting the election results.


“I would focus on the two men at hand, the President and the President-elect, and I think the rapport they built last week — even though they’re political nemeses, I get that — they have a shared love of the country and a shared love of the peaceful transition of power in a democracy which elevated Donald Trump to the presidency,” Conway stated.

“What does that mean?” she then asked. “You hear President Obama trying very earnestly to respect the will of the people.” (VIDEO: ABC’s Martha Raddatz Tried To Get Obama To Criticize Trump — POTUS Refused To Play Her Game)

Kellyanne Conway speaks to reporters (Getty images)

Kellyanne Conway speaks to reporters (Getty images)

“He did it yesterday in his press conference again, where he very clearly said I look at Donald Trump as pragmatic not ideological,” the former pollster explained. “Wow. What a message that should send to the throngs of protesters saying ‘not my president.'”

I think that sends a powerful message that he’s not a political hack. He’s the president, and he’s trying to help the president-elect transition into power.

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