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Shervin Pishevar is the “Robert E. Lee” of the “New California” secession movement.  He is known in tech circles as a leading investor in Uber and a founder of Hyperloop.  He has been quoted in recent days that the chances of a California secession are very high.

As Daily Caller’s Tech Guys, we recommend Silicon Valley’s Never-Trump elites engage with America rather than secede.  We hope that they will realize that more unites us as Americans than divides us.

For pure business reasons, we recommend Uber and Facebook executives and investors spend more time with Rust Belt and Farm Belt customers.

As the secessionists remind us daily, Silicon Valley is the America’s innovation engine.  That’s true.  And it’s wonderful.  Maybe Silicon Valley could develop new products to help working class Americans be more productive, to play a bigger part in the new robotics and artificial intelligence driven economy.  This may start with bringing Silicon Valley and working class America closer together.

Daily Caller is organizing a bus tour, called “Meet the Americans.”  We will sponsor a luxury tour bus from Palo Alto CA to the heartland.  The bus will be well stocked with vegan food, a safe-space for when the tour participants feel vulnerable, ample trigger warnings of any upcoming micro (and macro) aggressions, and, of course, high speed internet access.

We will visit Warren County, Ohio which is Northeast of Cincinnati and one the 81 of 88 counties in Ohio that voted Trump.  Maybe the Uber people would like to know why from 1990 to 2010, Warren County’s population nearly doubled from 114,000 to 213,000.  Why did this booming suburb vote over 2-to-1 for Trump?  How can Uber best serve this rapidly growing community?

Perhaps Silicon Valley investors in agricultural technology would be interested in touring Clearfield County PA, as the Tech Guys did recently.  In a 30 mile drive from State College PA airport to Morrisdale PA, we passed more “Perot 1996” yard signs (one) than “Clinton-Kaine” yard signs (zero).  Is racism why Trump beat Clinton 73.1% to 23.6%?  No.

Hat tip to ultra-liberal Michael Moore, who pointed out that these supposed-racists elected Obama twice before electing Trump.  We submit that maybe there are larger issues at play that coastal elites should seek to understand before they judge.

Did hectoring by Hollywood “celebrities” sour voters on Clinton?  Are there economic factors driving the 3-to-1 Trump margin in a county where Republicans and Democrats registrations run roughly 50-50?  Has the Democrat Party’s incessant demonization of businesses made voters wonder about Democrat’s commitment to job creation?  What can Silicon Valley do to help make Clearfield County great again?

Maybe, in addition to the coasts learning more about industrial and rural America, this bus tour could help industrial and rural America understand coastal America better.  We would introduce the residents to Pishevar, who the Tech Guys do greatly admire as an innovator.  He helped make America great by investing in Uber, creating jobs for Americans in all 50 states.

Coastal America seems particularly concerned about the Trump Administration rolling back gay rights.  New York Magazine fretted about this while admitting, “Trump himself is pretty progressive on LGBT issues.”  Pishevar tweeted: “And gay friends of mine are more afraid to hold hands or kiss in public. There is a lot of legitimate fear in America post-Trump.”

That’s disappointing to hear since 65% of Republicans (including the President-elect), just shy of 76% of Democrats, favor laws to protect gay and transgender people from discrimination (PPRI).

Pishevar and New York Magazine, we will invite Peter Thiel to join your “Meet the Americans” bus tour.   We’d like you to see how Trump voting heart-landers respond to Thiel.  Since we assume you missed the following sentences from our Daily Caller op-ed about Thiel’s convention speech:  “When he declared that he was proud to be gay, the crowd cheered, clapped and stood up. This is not the Republican Party that the MSM would have you believe.”

Americans are already more united than we realize.