The Conceded Media: Obsessed With Race


Ron Hart Ron Hart is a libertarian humorist and author who can be reached at Ron@RonaldHart.com.
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The big losers in this Presidential election were the leftist mainstream media — in short, the media. They were willfully disconnected from reality and dry humped the Clinton campaign to the end.

They were so confident of their win, always asking Donald Trump how and if he would concede and what he would do about the inevitable riots in the streets by his supporters. Oddly, and tellingly, they never asked Hillary the same question.

Now the media continue to blame Trump. From Oregon to New York, their side riots, loots, destroys others’ property and disrupts life. The media blame it all on Trump, even though Project Veritas and WikiLeaks showed us that the DNC and other liberal operatives hire demonstrators and orchestrate such violence.

TV news tells anecdotal stories about racial harassment by supposed Trump supporters. Yet they never show the awful video of a white Trump supporter beaten up and robbed (Reginald Denny style) in the street by Chicago thugs yelling, “Trump voter…” If their fires of hatred are stoked, it is by the left, not Trump folks.

The left has one argument in their arsenal on which they have “cried wolf” for years: If anyone disagrees with them or Obama on policy and the direction of this country, that person is a racist. One cannot sort laundry without being called racist by the left. They look for it in everything.

They are race-baiting, one-trick ponies, which keeps them from having to discuss the real issue: Their policies demonstrably do not work. They shut down debate by hurling insults and labels at people with a genuine difference of opinion. America is tired of it.

After a bitter campaign, the president met with Trump at the White House in an anticipated but awkward first-ever visit. It was just the two of them and their food tasters. Yet the meeting seemed to go well given Obama’s relentless ridiculing of Trump on the campaign trail and the fact that Trump had never been to a black family’s house before.

Later in the day, Michelle Obama met with Melania Trump in a gracious, time-honored ritual involving the peaceful transition of pastry chefs.

Trump and his family have been class acts through it all. Even Trump’s ten- year-old son, Barron, showed maturity as he stood patiently next to his mother, Melania, on Election Night. He was much more mature than I was at that age; if I were he, I’d still be breast feeding.

Media polls had Hillary up by 5 to 7 points (or, as the NY Times thought, 57%). One has to wonder: If the leftist pollsters and intelligentsia missed the election results this badly, just how accurate and honest are their projected numbers on global warming?

The hubris of the left, with their demeaning comments like “deplorables” and “irredeemables,” caused the backlash in this election. We get tired of always being presumed racist. Trump’s win would have been even bigger had so many bigoted white Midwesterners from Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin not died in the Civil War to free slaves. What racists!

The arrogant disdain that northeastern and left coast liberals have for the rest of the country reached record levels. With no basis in fact, they presume untrue things about us by creating false narratives. Late night comics, TV commentators, celebs, etc. advance these falsehoods of the white hood-wearing hayseed, to make them feel better about their own shallow lives.

Vapid celebs said they would move to Canada, New Zealand or Australia if Trump won. So they are fleeing our “racism” to almost all white countries? Weird.

Behind gated communities and offices with security guards, elitists sniff at our desire to own a gun for our own protection. Hampering cops by calling them racist has increased crime in such areas. Although a Democrat-run “gun free zone,” Chicago was safer when Al Capone ran the city.

While spending their time dividing Americans into their various classes of “victims” who support them, and presuming they had blacks and Latinos in their back pockets, liberals were shocked to find that they had misread the anger of the electorate.

Obama once disingenuously said, “There is not a Black America and a White America and Latino America and Asian America—there’s the United States of America.” Well, we showed him.

The red map of the vast land Trump won versus the small areas Hillary won  looks like a Verizon cell coverage map. “Hey Washington, can you hear us now?”

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