Dem Mega Donor Says Money Is No Object In Fight To Defeat Trump

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One of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s wealthiest donors said he plans on spending as much money necessary to fight President-elect Donald Trump and his pro-fossil fuel positions.

Billionaire environmental activist Tom Steyer told reporters Tuesday that he intends on crafting a multi-pronged strategy engaging voters and anti-Trump activists once the former reality TV star takes residence in the White House.

“We have always been willing to do whatever is necessary,” the former hedge fund manager said when asked about the amount of money he was willing to dump into the system to destroy Trump’s agenda.

Steyer’s position closely maps those of various environmental groups, most of which vow street protests, as well as fighting for some of President Barack Obama’s environmental regulations.

Trump’s repeated assertions that global warming is merely a Chinese “hoax” meant to hurt U.S. businesses have no doubt fueled Steyer’ rage. The real estate tycoon turned president-elect eventually walked back the claim, instead calling climate change a “naturally occurring” phenomenon.

Still, Steyer was not placated. The environmentalist, who was one of Clinton’s biggest surrogates during the presidential campaign, shifted to blasting Trump’s mission to rip up the Paris climate agreement.

“Every single one of these things, whether it was getting rid of Paris or cutting back the EPA, we think are extremely dangerous to the security of every American,” Steyer said. “We think it is based on willful ignorance of the facts and flies in the face of the realities facing the world.”

The well-heeled environmentalist’s push comes after it was discovered Trump invested more than $1 million into the now-controversial Dakota Access Pipeline, a project that has become public enemy number one among environmentalists.

The financial disclosure form filed in 2015 shows Trump invested in Energy Transfer Partners, the company responsible for constructing the Dakota Access Pipeline. The information was disclosed in Trump’s filing to the Federal Election Commission.

Steyer, for his part, is trying his level best to use his political action committee, NextGen Climate, to push Obama into preventing Trump from ever drilling for oil anywhere in the contiguous U.S.

The California billionaire and his rag-tag group of environmentalists want the Obama administration to use executive powers to “withdraw from disposition” any section of Alaska or the Arctic where oil is being produced.

Steyer, who shoveled nearly $100 million into a failed effort to prevent Trump from winning the presidency, pressured the Obama administration Monday to use extensive executive powers to permanently halt drilling in before Trump takes over.

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